Here’s why you can’t get Google Voice on your Sprint phone

Short story: Google Voice DOES work on Sprint phones including Hawaii, but will NOT work if your Sprint phone is under a corporate account (like mine). Here’s the details:

I was really excited to enable Google Voice on my Sprint EVO 4G phone “Hawaii Sprint Customers: Do we get Google Voice?“. So you could imagine how bummed I was when Google Voice says, “Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone. Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be enabled.”

Worse yet, other Hawaii Sprint customers were telling me that it worked just fine for them. Damn! Why me, Lord?

Well today I finally called Sprint. They were a little puzzled too but after digging around, we found out why: My Sprint is under my corporate account and apparently business accounts are not allowed to enable Google voice. While I’m disappointed, I can see why. On a policy level, if this was my company’s phone, I can certainly see that my boss might not approve of me implementing various re-routing and voicemail rules that Google Voice allows.

So, if you’ve got a personal/home Sprint account, you should be good. If you’ve got corporate, you’re out of luck.

Final note: a shout-out goes to the Sprint folks. I’ve only been with them for a year but their customer support has always been excellent, the service has been fabulous (I can’t recall a single dropped call that my phone caused) and the phone (other than the absolutely crappy battery life) has been an incredible workhorse. Thanks Sprint!

Netflix movies now on Android: I’ll never watch TV again.

I already watch more video on my Sprint EVO 4G than my big screen TV. Now that Netflix has arrived for Android it’s going to get even worse (better?). I just got through installing it. The video quality is great and it works like a charm. Holy Schmokes. I love it! The only reason why I will watch TV now will be as a family event. Otherwise, my EVO on the kickstand is my new video-watching device. That big screen is sure coming in handy.


Google’s netbook launches, IT Depts are either cheering or running scared

You just got to love Google’s continued encroachment on sacred cows. First it was email, then office apps, and now it’s your IT department. Business customers with 10 or more users can get these “Chromebook” netbook PCs which essentially only run the Chrome browser, for $28/mo. Here’s the real killer: this includes technical (i.e. helpdesk) support. If I worked in an IT department, I’d figure out a way to become the Google Chromebook uberwizard because when these machines come into the company, I’d want to be getting a raise and not a pink slip


Google kicks Blockbuster in the teeth (and fires shot across Netflix bow) with online movie rental

When I bought my bluray player a few years ago I had the feeling this was the last time I was going to by a standalone media player and I’m right. YouTube has joined the fray and is now offering online movie rentals. The only reason why anyone with a broadband connection would go to Blockbuster instead of clicking and paying on YouTube would be because they can’t connect their PC to their TV. Of course all the new TV’s have NetFlix and YouTube built in. So its bye-bye blu ray and hello on-demand online video.