Drag and drop attachments to Gmail

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The next time you’re sending attachments in gmail, save time by selecting multiple documents from your computer folders and then drag and drop them on the gmail subject line. Google then uploads the documents automatically.

Show some class (and thoughtfulness) with Email

Are you a class act with email? Do you use it thoughtfully? Here’s what really peeves folks that consider email second nature:

cai_mommy: Forwarding jokes, chain mail, and those “if you love someone/know a great mother/believe in God” poems/pictures. That’s abuse.

mochichick: When someone sends a message addressed to loads of people without using bcc!

AndyBumatai: I can’t stand the “If you don’t forward this to 50 people you will (fill in guilt trip here)” How does bandwidth usage play in it?

malewa: people who, “Reply to all”!!

hawaii : I lament the underutilization of “Bcc” and the abuse of “Cc.” Don’t expose everyone’s address. And don’t encourage “reply all”!

FranMagbual: email pet peeve: chain messages that have been forwarded so many times you can’t find original message. Call me the chain killer!

macpro: – I hate opt out. Why do they automatically think I want their emails?

Super thanks to the folks that tweeted back. Awesome!