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[29 Oct 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Send & receive big files with Dropbox

Next time you need to share files that are too big to send as attachments, try using dropbox.com.  It’s free for the first 2GB and makes it really easy to share pictures, music, or any other large files. It works on Mac, PC, and iPads too.  Try it right now!

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[29 Oct 2012 | Comments Off | ]
How to find the Time Zone of any city

What time is it in Vegas right now? Just Google for “Las Vegas Time”.  What time zone is Chicago in? Google “Chicago time zone”.  Next time just Google the name of any city followed by the word “Time” and or “Zone”.  Try it right now!

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[1 Dec 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Watch cable TV on your iPad

Finally, watch live cable TV, right on your iPad! Just go to iTunes and search for “TWcable” and you’ll up and running in no time. Use your Oceanic Cable and Road Runner with wifi in the house. Your Ipad can watch live TV, search through the program guide, program the DVR and even change the channels. Go to iTunes and search for TWcable.
I’ve gotten some questions from friends on some details so here’s how to get installed.
Requirements: you need to be an  Oceanic Time Warner customer with both a cable and …