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Geek test says Peter Kay is a “Computer God”

12 May 2005 6 Comments

I just took this online geek test. It was a riot and I scored 97%! For “old timers” like me some of the questions brought back some fond memories, like programming on my Commodore 64 and connecting at 1200 (wait, 300!) baud.

Here’s my Geek Score:

My computer geek score is greater than 97% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

Take the test and see how you compare! Post your comments here.



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  • Wendell Yamada said:

    300 baud? omg you weren’t ever on Saimin were you?

  • Peter Kay (author) said:

    Nope. Saimin was a little before my time in Hawaii. If I recall, 300baud was on my apple ][ back in about 1979. I came to Hawaii in ’84, well into the 1200 baud era.

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  • Paul Lawler said:

    I was on Saimin! At 3oo then 1200 then 2400 baud.

    I got a 94 (without cheating)… but then I’m older than Peter.

  • Dolly Samson said:

    Computer God – go Peter! I got an 86, which was way higher than my students (25 – 65). I used the Lisa, before the Mac, and had a monitor with a 300 bps acoustic coupler in my kitchen. Wow, isn’t broadband wonderful?!

    — Dolly

  • Andre Jones said:

    Hehe, move over old timer, I scored 100 percent on that test. Not bad for a youngin.