Share those friends and family party photos!

Share those friends and family photos!

You know the deal: everyone shows up at a priceless family party and takes tons of photos, each on their own phone (or worse, for each group shot, 10 different phones take turns at shooting the picture).  Unfortunately, when the party is over, all you end up with are your own photos.

Google is attempting to solve this problem by allowing you to create “shared albums”.  Send your friends a link via email or text and they can easily all add their photos to one place.  Let’s hope this works!


Sharing photos and videos between friends and family after your birthday bash or holiday gathering shouldn’t be difficult. But between the great shots your brother has buried on his iPhone and that friend who keeps forgetting to email you her pics, you’re often left reliving the event through just the photos and videos you took yourself.

Source: Official Google Blog: Shared memories made easy with Google Photos

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Improved Google Drive Search is here

Google Drive/Apps users rejoice!  Search is improved. Just click on the dropdown in the Search box and you’ll see lots of new options, including the ability to separate searching of the file name vs. content in the file.

I still wish I could search within a folder only (for those of us still stuck in folder paradigms) but this is a marked improvement. Check it out.


Source: Google Drive Blog: Because it’s gotta be super easy to find your files

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Chrome Browser on Android reduced mobile data usage up to 70%

Back in the good ‘ol Internet days of dial-up, a common trick was to turn off graphics in the browser by default and only once you arrived at the desired page would you manually press a button and show all the graphics. (Anyone remember Netscape?)

Well, what was new in the ’90s is once again new in the ’10s.  The latest Chrome browser on Android essentially lets you do the same thing. You’ll not only save on your data plan by not downloading images you don’t really care to see anyway, but in addition you’ll get lightning fast downloads of websites since you’re only pulling down the text.

All we need now is the Macarena playing in the background to give us that complete 90s experience.


Straight from Google’s blog:

Now, we’re updating this mode to save even more data – up to 70 percent! – by removing most images when loading a page on a slow connection. After the page has loaded, you can tap to show all images or just the individual ones you want, making the web faster and cheaper to access on slow connections.

Source: Google Chrome Blog: A new way to save data with Chrome on Android

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OK, now you can upgrade to Windows 10

Those who don’t want to deal with all the bugs associated with a new O/S release usually wait until a “point” release, e.g. Windows 7.1.

Looks like we have the equivalent of the 10.1 release and even Microsoft acknowledges it.

Microsoft’s message to businesses is that if they were following the traditional policy of waiting for the first Service Pack or major update to Windows before deploying it, this is it: time to take the plunge.

So if you’ve been waiting to upgrade. Now is the time!

Source: Windows 10 November Update: features, fixes, and enterprise readiness | Ars Technica

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Should you upgrade to Windows 10? Wait until 10.1

It’s certainly tempting, isn’t it? Windows is “giving away” a free upgrade to Windows 10.  What do to?

I’ve lived by the “Wait for the point upgrade” (wftpu) advice for years and I’m going to continue following it.

What wftpu means is simply this: all new O/S releases have bugs. Let others work through them and wait for the manufacturer to put those fixes into a point release”  (e.g. Windows 10.1) and then invest your time and effort to making the switch.

So though I do get tempted to upgrade, I’m going to patiently wait for 10.1, and then hopefully the free upgrade will still be available.

Credit to Microsoft for making it easier for us to hold off:

We understand you care deeply about what happens with your device. This is why – regardless of your upgrade path – you can choose to upgrade or decline the offer.

Source: Making it Easier to Upgrade to Windows 10 | Windows Experience Blog

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