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Making Technology Work for You

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This YouTube Video shows how you can bypass the iPhone lock screen to make calls and list contacts. You can even browse photos if you attempt to add a photo to a contact.
While you can’t run any apps or do anything other than work with contacts or make phone calls, the facts is that anyone who watches this video can unlock a part of your iPhone without knowing your passcode.
I’m sure Apple will have a fix soon but until then, don’t let that phone go to the wrong hands!

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Every year, I add a blinking Christmas Tree and “Merry Christmas!” to my email signature.  Consider it my way of sharing the joy of the Christmas spirit.  This year I decided to make that tree available to you and anyone who wants to use it.  It’s my gift to you.  Insert it into your email client and customize your own signature and help spread the Joy of the Christmas Spirit too!
Here’s the tree:
And here’s the URL to the tree:
And for Gmail users, here’s the instructions on how to customize your …


Today Google launched the Nexus 10 inch tablet, the Nexus 4 Phone, and and updated Nexus 7 tablet.

I was personally waiting for the Nexus 4 phone but right off the bat its lack of LTE speed is an immediate deal-killer for me and that’s a bummer because it looks like a nice phone.
The tablets are interesting though I’m not sure they are competitive with Apple’s iPads at “only” $100 less. Why would someone not spend the extra money on an iPad and get the most popular device with the most …


I admit that I might be only talking to small subset of the total iPhone 5 audience, but I have a photo here that shows why, if you care about LTE speeds and usability, the iPhone 5 is not for you. I say this with a heavy heart because I was waiting for this phone to come out and was prepared to seriously consider buying one.  But because it has been extensively reported that the iPhone 5 cannot do simultaneous voice + LTE,  it is a deal-breaker for me.
The picture …


Though I was leaning to NOT get the iPhone 5 (just not enough coolness over the Android competitors like Galaxy S3 for example) this is definitely a deal-killer for me:
On providers like Verizon or Sprint, iPhone 5 will NOT transfer data while you’re on the phone.  (aka simultaneous voice and data).

Put a fork in it.  It’s done. For me.
I’ve had a Sprint EVO 4G (yes, the original one) for 3 years now and even that phone, ancient by today’s standards, can do voice+data (admittedly that only works on 4G data …


 I’m going to take a look at one of these in the store and then wait a few weeks to see what the Android world comes out with.

4 inch display (taller)
1136×640 pixels (more stuff shows on screen, notice 5 rows of icons vs. just 4)
4G LTE  (way, way faster speeds)
18% thinner (7.6mm)
20% lighter (112 grams)
2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics
battery life unchanged (8 hrs browsing)
HD front-facing facetime camera
facetime can work over 3G
3 noise-cancelling microphones

Apple Introduces the iPhone 5.

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I’ve got all my domains REGISTERED at Godaddy but no websites HOSTED there. I’m not entirely sure of what exactly is affected but if you are using Godaddy I suggest you follow them on @godaddy for the lastest info and read more from the link below.
GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility | TechCrunch.

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Windows 7 Tab Key shows 3D view of your windows

If you’re using Windows 7 try this: press and hold down the Windows icon key and press the tab button.  You’ll get this neat 3D view of all your open windows.  Each tab press moves forward or shift-tab goes back. Your mouse wheel works too.

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Use Shift Click on Gmail for Quick Compose

Next time you send an email, hold down the shift key before you click on the Compose button.  A new email window will pop up which lets you compose and send your emails much faster than the usual way.

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Very interesting development here from GM: GM touts revolutionary battery breakthrough.
A new generation of batteries might give electric cars a 200 mile range.